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    We (Shrewsbury) have only scored one goal this year, in five matches. However that one goal was an away win at Coventry.

    Feeling lucky Pete?

    Remember what happened in the first match?

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    Sorry not been on to comment for a while. You sure did us a favour!

    Apparently Trevor Hemmings the owner stormed out after that game and told the Riddler (Peter Ridsdale) who was our chairman of football until he got disqualified from having an influence on a business for 7 years get "get shut of this joker!". Peter Ridsdale turned down Steve bruce for Westley!!! A bit like taking Cam Cameron on!

    Aparently Ridsdale is employed directly by Hemmings as his personal advisor on football matters! So doesn't that mean he has an influence on a business, which surely goes against the ruling?

    I know Grayson is a good manager in this division, but to me it's like the fins hiring Rex Ryan! he has to be good or as soon as it turns sour it will be Agent Grayson, similar to Agent Simpson who plotted our fall from being Prfemier League contenders to start with!

    But interesting to see as soon as Westley went we win against the top team in the division then we draw away at the team that replaced them on the top! Expect to see Graham Westley and his mantra at Shrewsbury soon! You seem to have a penchant for our ex-managers and players that didn't make the grade at PNE! I would include Cansdell-Sherriff and to a lesser extent Wroe in that. They are certainly lower quality to what we became accustomed to!

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